Gerard d'Hato

Half-orc ninja with an obsession for pigeons


Gérard D’Hato

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Pigeons from outer space

Actual ninja pigeon



Son of a renowned gambler, he has to keep up his honor by pretending he is an awesome gambler as well, but because he only plays for schmeckles nobody ever saw him gamble and his honor is still intact, but will it be like that forever? When he is not pretending to be an A-class gambler he works at the magic shop of his aunt, who has developed many strange spells and incantations in the past. He made his pigeon disguise with his aunt, which he uses to sneak out at night and train in the alleys around his aunt’s shop to become the ultimate ninja master.

What are your goals
Prove his worth despite not being as good a gambler as his dad. While he resides with his aunt he is looking for an adventure to forget about his old life and start living up to his own expectations. As his mother left him and his father because of all the gambling and extravagant lifestyle that came with it, he is seeking out her whereabouts always asking strangers who come into the shop if they have heard about this ninja women. But because she is such a skilled ninja nobody ever saw her and people ask themselves if she became so powerful that she is permanently invisible.

Biggest Fear
Losing his most precious pigeon disguise which is an enchanted old robe of his mother and actually leaving town to venture out into the wild.

You’re up for this anytime
Talking about magical artifacts and ninja gear, he will always ask every stranger about his ninja mother.

Gerard d'Hato

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