Peter Pahn

Gnome Arcanist


Peter Pahn

Peter Pahn has always been interested in everything to do with magic. He has tried to learn about magic through books, scrolls and everything. He has a troubled relationship with his father. Reasons for this are a guarded secret, but it is no coincidence that his name resembles a fictional character. Due to his upbringing, which is a guarded secret, he has developed a fascination for flags. He will always try and obtain flags which he uses to adorn himself. Peter fled from his father at a young age of 30, which for gnomes is very young indeed. He spent his time in the library reading books, where he also learnt to sleep in books.

He is a gnome, this means that he views most non-gnomes, (e.g. elves, humans, dwarves) as strange. He is impulsive and loves to joke around; however, most of his knowledge comes from books, as such, his humour is not always appreciated. His love for words results in a constant stream of puns.

What are your goals
Experience everything that was read in books

Biggest Fear
His crazy father, fairy tales, and mites that eat paper

You’re up for this anytime
Reading, trying to speak new languages, and discussing the nature and use of flags (vexilology)

Rule loving jerks, if you are good, the results are going to be good too. No need for silly rules to make life more difficult.

Alignment Chaotic Good

Diety Nethys

Favourite Joke:
Why is peter pan always flying?
Because he neverlands!

Peter Pahn

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